groups shotThe mission of the Heron Creek Community Foundation (HCCF) is to financially support qualified charitable organizations which serve the citizens of North Port and improve the quality of life within the local community by other nonfinancial activities.  

A primary goal of HCCF is to support charitable organizations which are approved by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3) and which serve the North Port Community.   In addition, this goal has a dual aim of currently awarding grants to organizations while also building a donor-advised fund in partnership with Gulf Coast Community Foundation (GCCF).  Since our founding in 2010, over $418,000 in grants have been awarded to qualified charitable organizations supporting the residents of North Port.   With investment returns and the generosity of our membership and others at fund-raising events, HCCF has been able to fund 100% of all grant awards without using donations.   This has allowed HCCF to continue to guarantee that 100% of all donations (i.e., membership fees and other donations not connected with fund-raising events) are deposited in the donor-advised fund with GCCF.

Membership is open to all current and former residents of Heron Creek and all current and former members of Heron Creek Golf & Country Club.  Membership is by household and currently is about 223 households or over 450 people.  In addition, we have many regular sponsors from the business community which help us tremendously in our fund-raising activities.  We are so grateful for their continued and very generous support. Please take a moment to see their logos on the Home page.