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Where do your grant dollars go?   The Board is pleased to support the North Port Chamber Teen Court NEW2North Port Teen Court Program and its D-Fy drug prevention program.  The 2019 grant was used to purchase 500 drug testing kits for our teen community. 
Here is a note from the Executive Director, Heather Todd, of Teen Court.

Dear Board of Directors,

Heron Creek Community Foundation’s grant affords Teen Court students in North Port and their parents the opportunity to receive drug testing free of charge.  Whether a family is doing it as intervention after the student has been caught abusing drugs, being in possession of drugs or the family is using this as a prevention tool before it becomes a problem.  Teen Court has done drug testing since 2002.  Drug Tests allow parents, students and Teen Court case managers to be on the same page from the beginning.  Sometimes a student denies drug use during the initial appt with the case manager and parents.  The drug test given onsite with immediate results allows for answers without a doubt.  It opens communication with the entire family and allows for immediate services when necessary.  This grant is priceless to Teen Court’s services. North Port Chamber Teen Court NEW

COVID19 has brought a new set of challenges but also successes. We are so incredibly proud to see how the students have accomplished the challenges they have faced over the past month.  We have increased our mental health sessions to unlimited for anyone that needs them and we are making sure that families have the tools to be successful. We are doing physical challenges, virtual challenges and increasing the classes during the week (via Zoom).  We want our students to know that we are here for them.  So, this month if that means food, a craft kit, a bicycle, or even a bed (we had a family that found bed bugs), we are here for them.  Students are doing check-ins both by the phone, Zoom and Facetime. Other services include:
a.   Case presentations via zoom for jury duty sessions
b.   Substance abuse classes via zoom twice a week (45 minutes a class)
c.    Emotion Regulation classes via zoom twice a week (45 minutes
                       a class)

d.    Mental Health Counseling via tele-therapy
e.     Drug Test handout to families”

Heather Todd, Executive Director