The following are the current HCCF committees and chairpersons.  If you would like to learn more about a specific committee and/or volunteer, please e-mail or call the appropriate committee member. 

Executive Committee:   Holly Loos, Joe O'Connor, Pete Cunningham, and Diane Siddall

The Board is made up of 12 elected directors.  Each year four members are elected for 3-year terms.  If you are interested in being a Board member, or helping in some other way, please contact Mary Bowersock.

Resource and Development Committees: Bill Bach

Nominating:  TBD

Searching for members interested in serving on the Board or helping in other ways is this committee's charge.  Call the chair if you would like to serve.

Grants Committee:  Bill Bay

Our grant cycle is normally held each Fall.  Call the above if you would like to help investigate and make recommendations regarding the applicants.

Finance:  Pete Cunningham

The finance committee conducts audits and assists and advises the Treasurer.

Publicity   Mary Bowersock

This committee serves as liaison to the public news media, writes news releases and arranges for photography at major events. Is that you?  Call the chair.

Community Services:  TBD

This committee conducts the food drives and many other efforts to help improve the community per the by-laws.  Call the chair to help.

By-Laws: Deanne Siddall

This committee periodically and as needed reviews and recommends needed amendments.  If you like this work, call the chair to get involved. 

Membership   Joe O'Connor & Carol Kantor

Membership records are maintained and new members are solicited by this committee.  Can you assist us here?  Call the chair.