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Grants for Charitable Organizations Supporting North Port

Since our founding in 2010, over $625,000 in grants have been awarded to charitable organizations supporting our North Port neighbors in need. In addition, our endowment fund also exceeds $490,000 which will provide ongoing funding for future grants.

Eligibility Requirements

The Heron Creek Community Foundation (HCCF) Board of Directors are pleased to offer financial support to non-profit organizations that serve the citizens of North Port. Our challenge and vision are to support those organizations that have the greatest impact on our community, supporting both reactive and proactive needs. The HCCF grants committee is dedicated to identifying programs where we can have the greatest positive impact as our community continues to grow and evolve, adapting to our social and economic changes. Our mission remains the same, “to financially support qualified charitable organizations which serve the citizens of North Port and improve the quality of life within the local community.”

Approval Process

A Grants Committee, composed solely of Foundation members, accepts yearly grant requests from 501(c)(3) organizations serving the North Port area. The committee reviews grant requests, financial documents, and makes site visits as appropriate. The Grants Committee findings and recommendations are passed along to the Foundation’s Board of Directors, who then approve or deny each grant request.

Learn More About HCCF Grants

Our FAQs will assist you in understanding how our foundation works and how we assist our local community.

Apply for a Grant

Eligible organizations may apply for a grant directly through the HCCF website. Charitable organizations are encouraged to contact the Foundation to see if their request is within our guidelines before spending its staff and volunteer time writing a grant proposal.

Grant Reports

Use the following links to see grants we have awarded.

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