Roy Munnelly, President

Term Expires: 2024

Roy Munnelly

Prior to moving to Florida in 2020 I lived in the Greater Philadelphia area from birth.

Mary Ann, my wife of 26 years, passed away in March 2006.

We have two daughters Kristen (37) and Lindsay (33) who live the Greater New York area.

I live with my partner Cynthia Haynes on Creek Nine Drive.

I graduated from LaSalle College in Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Theoretical Mathematics.

I have worked in the software field since 1983. My work has allowed me to travel the globe.

Two of my goals are to stand in every one of the 50 US States (8 left) and on every one of the 7 continents (2 left).

I have had the good fortune to be born in the USA and to have a work career that I enjoy even after 38 years.

As I move in retirement, I will need to replace my work activities with other activities that I feel are just as important as providing for my family.

I feel working on the Heron Creek Foundation would be that important.

Be a good neighbor and help improve the lives of those around you.

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