Kevin Smith, Vice-President

Term Expires: 2026

Kevin Smith

P. Kevin Smith is a Certified Protection Professional through the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), where he served as a member of the Banking & Financial Services Council for more than 12 years. A retired law enforcement officer in Wilmington, Delaware, Kevin has spent more than 30 years as a senior manager in the financial services industry.

Kevin is an experienced private and public sector board member with a passion for helping organizations reach their stated goals and objectives in a cost-effective manner. Past assignments include Chairman of the Delaware Police Foundation, Chairman of the Claymont Delaware Boys & Girls Club, the Delaware Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors, the Washington D.C. Police Foundation Board of Directors, and the Heron Creek Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Kevin holds a Master of Science degree in Administration, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, both from West Chester University, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He is a past chairman of the ASIS Council for Banking & Financial Services, and a member of the ABA Fraud Prevention Oversight Council.  He also served as the Security Committee Chairman for the Maryland Bankers Association and a member of the Bank Administration Institute’s Security Commission. Kevin has lectured nationally on a variety of bank security topics for the Bank Administration Institute, the American Bankers Association, Bankers Online, and numerous trade associations. A recognized expert in the bank security field, Kevin has also been published in several national security journals and periodicals. He now serves as an independent security consultant from his home in southwest Florida.

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