2022 Grant Recipients

The 2022 Board of Directors is pleased to announce our 2022 Grant Recipients.

This year’s grant process has been extremely challenging with the natural disaster of Hurricane Ian.

At the beginning of our process, the Grants Committee had opened our program to all 501c3 organizations and thoroughly vetted them, keeping in mind our mission to make a positive impact on those in need in our North Port Community (both reactive and proactive). We had forecasted out, with our Annual Golf Tournament and Silent Auction, the approximate funds that would be available for the distribution of grants for 2022. Then Hurricane Ian hit. This placed us in a totally different position for our grant program. With the aftermath of the hurricane and the devastation of our community, the board prudently voted to cancel our fundraiser for 2022. We understood at this critical time that our members and residents were focused on navigating through the hurricane challenges and aftermath, and our focus went to determine how we could help those in our community in critical need. Those critical needs for our community were not the same after Hurricane Ian.

The Board recognized that the Grants Committee would need to re-evaluate what were the needs in the community before the hurricane and realign with the critical needs after the hurricane. The board also recognized that while we could not have our fundraiser, our commitment was stronger than ever to help those in need. With that philosophy in mind, the board is awarding the following grants.

North Port Meals on Wheels

Amount: $10,000 | Visit Website

Funds to be used to pay for groceries and trays for all clients who qualify for free meals according to NPMOW rules based on Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Good Samaritan Pharmacy & Health Services, Inc.

Amount: $2,450 | Visit Website

Providing comprehensive medical treatment for the patients of North Port, including access to physicians, prescription drugs, and diagnostic testing. 

North Port Senior Center

Amount: $5,050 | Visit Website

Items to include new computer and monitor, 12 – 3’x3’ tables, 48 new chairs, plastic ware, Microsoft program and installation, and property insurance for 1 year. Misc. items for luncheons. This will enable the continued support of fellowship and mental acuity to senior members which is vital in our community.

Salvation Army of Sarasota County

Amount: $2,500 | Visit Website

Pathway of Hope Program for the clients of North Port. This program is geared towards mobilizing families from crisis to stability. It is rooted in case management approach, focusing on the clients’ individual needs and mastery of life skills. This program focuses on the core causes of poverty rather that treating the symptoms. This will help families overcome challenges like unemployment, underemployment lack of education, and unstable housing.

Take Stock in Children

Amount: $5,000 | Visit Website

Sponsor two incoming students from North Port. Includes 2-year college plan scholarships through the Florida Prepaid College Foundation. 

All Faith’s Food Bank

Amount: $15,795

Funds collected in lieu of annual food drive due to COVID 19 restrictions. Money was used to provide meals to hundreds of underprivileged residents of North Port, FL.

The Heron Creek Community Foundation wishes our grant recipients well as they continue to move forward and support our community in 2022-2023.

Warm Regards,
Heron Creek Community Foundation
Board of Directors

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