3rd Quarter Update

Heron Creek Community Foundation
3rd Quarter Update

The Board of Directors hopes that this update finds you safe, and secure as we move forward from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. This 3rd quarter update is certainly not what I had originally intended to share concerning our updates. We had hoped to bring you some fun news with the Annual Golf    Tournament, Silent Auction, and Pool Party. Unfortunately, our North Port community is not the same as it was 2 months ago, and the critical needs in our community have changed. Hurricane Ian has changed our community and our lives.

Your foundation has been working strategically to ensure that our North Port neighbor’s critical needs are taken care of. During the first 2 weeks, emotions ran high as everyone had thoughts on how we could help. As many of you are aware, the foundation is governed by a set of specific by-laws regarding our funds and how we may use them. This is just for clarification. As much as we all agree there is an immediate need in our community, the Heron Creek Community Foundation is legally unable to give funds directly to individuals. As a registered “Donor Advised Fund” in partnership with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, our status with the IRS dictates we can only give to established 501c3 organizations.

In lieu of making financial donations, many of the silent auction items went back to the original donors, who were then able to sell the items privately and make significant donations to Hurricane Ian Relief (refrigerators/freezers, tables, chairs, coolers, and tents just to name a few). Working closely with the North Port City Mayor and wife, city manager, and other organizations, the items donated were tailored to the needs of the community.   We were updated numerous times as different needs emerged.

The foundation provided the Heron Creek residents 4 drop-off locations for those who wanted to donate. At least 30 SUVs and 3 truckloads of necessary items have been donated. 124 Back Packs, stuffed with supplies were also donated. Many of our residents also volunteered their time and manpower to work at various relief locations.

The Grants Committee has gone back and re-evaluated our 2022 Grant Applications to ensure that we are taking care of the current critical needs of North Port (post-Hurricane Ian). As we know, our city is currently not like any other city nationally and our North Port residents’ needs have now changed. Taking this into consideration, the board will meet to determine how we can make the greatest impact during this critical time.

The HCC Foundation currently has a few Director positions open. We are actively looking for persons who would like to continue to move the foundation forward and make a significant impact in our North Port community. If you are interested, please contact Mary Bowersock at (734) 634-1360 or mbowersock@outlook.com.

The generosity of the Heron Creek Community Foundation members and its residents is heartwarming and inspiring. While many of us are dealing with our own hurricane issues, your support and concern for all residents in need is truly inspirational. Saying “Thank You” is not enough, but we appreciate everything you have done during this time of need.

Warm Regards,
Holly Loos
Heron Creek Community Foundation, President

P.S. Don’t forget to Save the Date – December 4th for the Holiday Home Tour 4 – 7 pm

Take some time to gather with your friends and neighbors and experience the joy and wonder of the Holiday Season, you will tour through beautiful and whimsical decorated homes.

More information and a detailed map to follow.

Be a good neighbor and help improve the lives of those around you.

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