August 2022 Newsletter

The Heron Creek Community Foundation Board is continuing work over the summer months.

The Grants Committee has updated the Grant Application Form to streamline the form and request necessary information from the applicants. The form is now on the website along with the criteria and procedures for applying. Applications will be accepted for the 2022 Grant Cycle beginning August 1, 2022 and is open to all qualified 501c3 organizations.

Bill Bach, golf tournament chair, is busy with his committee working to ensure a fun and profitable Golf Tournament scheduled for October 21st.   As with any fundraiser, volunteers make a huge impact with their help. If you would like to offer your help to make the tournament successful, contact Bill Bach at

Back by popular demand! The Holiday Home Tour was such a big hit last year, that many asked if it would be repeated.   Committee chair Deanne Siddall is working with a team to showcase decorated homes and to get in the holiday spirit, so save Sunday, December 4th!  Several individuals have offered their homes in hopes of out-doing last year’s. Two more homes are needed, so if you would like to share your decorated home, contact Deanne at

A big “Thank You” to all our new members who have joined the Foundation.   Many new residents have joined to help support non-profits in improving the lives of North Port residents.   “Thank You”, too to all who have renewed their annual memberships in the Foundation. All membership fees go into the “Endowment Fund” where they grow and earn interest which funds our grants. Upon review of the membership process, it was noticed that some renewals were missed. While some have chosen to not renew, a number have indicated that they missed the notice or forgot to submit a check.  We ask that if you are interested in maintaining your membership that you either review your records or contact Membership Chair Joe O’Connor at He can verify your renewal date. The Endowment Fund like everyone’s investments have taken a hit this year and it is imperative that we ensure our membership dues are supporting it if we are to have meaningful amounts to award to our grant applicants.

The Heron Creek Community Foundation was established as a “Donor AdvisedFund” managed in partnership with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation in Venice. The Board of Directors has been informed by Gulf Coast that they are fazing out of this type of relationship.   Gulf coast has indicated that the investment portion of their services will remain, but the administrative services will be discontinued. To that end it was decided by the Board to take the steps necessary to become a 501(c)3 organization. There is significant reporting and IRS filing required to acquire and maintain that status.   Fortunately, Board member Nick Cippola a tax professional, has agreed to work with Gulf Coast in transitioning the Foundation to a 501(c)3 status.   This status should bring the Foundation added benefits when soliciting support as well as to our members and sponsors.

The Foundation’s nominating committee will be looking to fill the annual vacancies on the Board.   Board members must be active members of the Foundation and will serve a three-year term.   Contact Mary Bowersock at if you are interested in serving, would like to nominate an individual or have questions about serving on the Board.

As always, check out the website for the latest news on the Heron Creek Community Foundation at

Be a good neighbor and help improve the lives of those around you.

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