Heron Creek Community Foundation Fund Drive

The Heron Creek Community Foundation Service Committee has facilitated a neighborhood food drive for nearly 10 years. For the past few years, All Faiths Food Bank (AFFB) has been the recipient of our community’s generosity. In 2022 our committee will continue this partnership by sponsoring a fund drive during the period from March 21st through March 25th. Originally we collected food donations. However, AFFB has had to re-evaluate the health and safety risks associated with the handling of food due to COVID. Last year we shifted to conducting a Fund Drive instead of a Food Drive and we will continue that practice this year. 

Our donations are dedicated to supporting needy families in North Port. AFFB can purchase five nutritious meals for every dollar that is donated. By donating to this worthy cause you support the Food Bank’s mission of supplying nutritionally balanced meals to the less fortunate in our city. Please consider helping us to continue our tradition of giving during our 2022 campaign. You will be receiving an email from your Fund Drive Neighborhood Representative that explains the need and how to donate.

Thank you for considering this worthy cause!

The HCCF Service Committee

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