Newsletter April 2022

The Heron Creek Community Foundation Board of Directors welcome two new directors who have stepped up to fill vacancies.   Dave Sobecki and Nick Cipolla bring experience with working with non-profits. Nick’s CPA background was particularly exciting to our current treasurer, Pete Cunningham, and Dave’s enthusiasm for everything is contagious.

What is the Heron Creek community Foundation?   Glad you asked!

HCCF is a “Donor Advised Fund” managed in partnership with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation (GCCF) in Venice. GCCF is a financially stable 501(c)(3) charity that sponsors approximately 300 Donor Advised Funds.

HCCF was founded in 2010 to support public non-profits that serve the citizens of North Port and to improve the quality of life within the community.

HCCF is funded by annual membership donations and fundraising events to support its annual grants and build its endowment-like fund at GCCF.

Grant requests are reviewed by the Grants Committee and presented to the Board of Directors for selection and approval. All organizations are investigated and vetted, and follow-up visits ensure funds are used appropriately.

Since its inception, HCCF has provided a total of $470,077 of funding for local agencies and has been instrumental in bringing needed support services to North Port.

The Community Services Committee conducts annual Food Drives to stock local pantries and facilitates the Giving Tree each December to give Santa a hand.

You might consider joining or becoming more involved in the foundation because:

Your tax-deductible contributions will be pooled with others to allow the Foundation to award meaningful amounts to public charities each year.

By becoming a member and supporting fundraising activities, you help create a legacy that will help others for years to come.

HCCF is an all-volunteer organization with minimal administrative expenses.

You can always get that latest information on the Foundation by visiting the website at

Be a good neighbor and help improve the lives of those around you.

Join the Heron Creek Community Foundation today!

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